Parkhotel Valkenburg & F1 Spa Francorchamps

...a perfect combination

Formula One is one of the biggest and most spectacular sporting events in the world. Millions of fans from around the world look forward every year to the moment the drivers start their engines and the race gets underway. An event that is also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands, thanks in part to our own Max Verstappen. And what could be better than combining a visit to this race with a stay at the beautiful Parkhotel Valkenburg?

Buy your ticket now for F1 Spa Francorchamps and enjoy Max Verstappen. Official website of the Belgian Grand Prix.  

26-07 FREE TRAINING 1 13:30 - 14:30
26-06 FREE TRAINING 2 17:00 - 18:00
27-07 FREE TRAINING 3 12:30 - 13:30
27-07 QUALIFICATION 16:00 - 17:00
28-07 RACE FROM 3 P.M.

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Parkhotel Valkenburg, for fans of Max Verstappen

Of course, for fans of Max Verstappen, this is a unique opportunity to see their hero live in action. And what could be better than returning to the comfortable Parkhotel Valkenburg after a day of excitement and thrills?

No ticket, still Formula 1 Spa Francorchamps

Experience F1 Spa Francorchamps from the Skybox and roof terrace of Parkhotel Valkenburg

If you are a fan of Formula One, then you know how important it is to watch every race live. The sense of excitement and thrill you get as you watch the drivers race around the track at high speed is unparalleled. But sometimes it can be difficult to go to a race, especially if it’s not being held in your area or you simply don’t have a ticket.

Fortunately, Parkhotel Valkenburg has the perfect solution for you and your racing friends. In fact, on the roof terrace of Parkhotel Valkenburg you can enjoy a unique experience: watching Formula 1 on a 6 square meter LED wall. This makes you feel as if you yourself are present at the race. You can follow everything perfectly and not miss a moment of the action.